Why is it allowed to treat plants in overcast weather only, or in the early morning or late evening?
This is because stomata (gas exchange openings) on the leaves of plants are open at this time. The active ingredient can easily enter This way. In daytime, when the sun shines and there is hot, gas exchange openings are closed, because plants reduce evaporation this way.
Can seed treatment, as a first step of the AGRITORF Premium Turf Liquid technology, be omitted?
Studies prove better results after seed treatment, as it further increases the average yield, but average yields will still be higher than in the control, even without this first technological step. We do not recommend skipping seed treatment.
What plant protection products can be mixed with AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid?
Premium Turf Liquid can be mixed with practically any plant protection products. The indicated dosage of Premium Turf Liquid can thus be mixed with the preferred seed coating. The single substance that Premium Turf Liquid mustn’t be mixed with is the one with high copper content.
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