AGRITORF Premium turf liquid is a liquid substance, a suspension.

It is easy to apply and does not clog the filters at all.

It is simple to store, just make sure that it is not disposed to direct sunlight.

Store it between -50°C and +75°C.
Seed treatment
The first step of using AGRITORF Premium turf liquid is seed treatment.

If this step was skipped, some yield-enhancing and other beneficial effects to the product can still be observed, but not to the extent of using the entire treatment line.

During seed treatment, AGRITORF Premium turf liquid can be mixed with any coating agents.

For 1 ton of seeds, 5−10 l of concentrate should be diluted with 5−10 l of water, depending on the plant, before being mixed.

If it is possible to dispense the required amount by dripping it directly into the seed bed, so that the seeds are directly exposed to the AGRITORF Premium Turf liquid, then the seed treatment can be completed in one step.
Plant should normally be treated twice, with a 30 l/ha or a 50 l/ha dose of AGRITORF Premium Turf liquid.

Before application, the concentrate should be diluted with 250 to 300 l/ha of water.

The first treatment is carried out in the few-leaves stage, at which time plenty of the active ingredients land on the soil.

The second treatment is usually recommended before flowering.

AGRITORF Premium turf liquid can be mixed with any plant protection agent, so it can easily be integrated into the technology, without the necessity of being separately applied.
It is recommended to spray AGRITORF Premium turf liquid in cloudy weather or in the early morning or late in the afternoon, when the stomata (air exchange openings) are open, so the active ingredients can easily enter the plant.
Do not store AGRITORF Premium turf liquid in an aluminum container and avoid prolonged.
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